Day 6

(on the cell phone)

(on the cell phone)

Getting ready for Thanksgiving

against himself

Phil plays an intense chess game

Day 5

Sexy Joanna

Shower after the dye

Bathroom with the latest products
Joanna with her favorite t-shirt

Day 4

Nutcracker Ballet practice

Hi Ben

Eliza speaking with Sarina

Daniella on a Sick Day

Wax Jacket in the Sun Room

Day 3

Finally enjoying the rest of the day

Skylar's Shadow

Skylar's Shoes

My Bike

Money Cat and Pumpkin and Knife

Return to School


1150 Park, Dad's Study

Day 2

Return to 123

Pumpkin in November

Max's new coat

Amiela speaking about the prospect of having a child second semester

Every Day, Day 1

For the next year, I will be photographing every day of my life
Each image will of course be different, but will surround mostly my life in Oberlin and my house and housemates

Day 1: Return from NYC to Oberlin in Leo's car

(Leo swerved the car)