Day 11

Returning to Oberlin on Saturday in order to avoid traffic
with Margarida and Mark beginning in Scarsdale

I can't remember what Margarida was telling me
Crossing the GW bridge

Day 10

Thanksgiving Day!

Mom and Dad admiring Central Park's new fence
Across the water from home

Mom photographing me photographing her

Dad on the phone with family

Day 9

Leaving Oberlin for Thanksgiving break in new york

Lulu on my bed

Margarida on our way out of Oberlin

Margarida trying to do homework

Joanna in the morning before I leave

Day 8

Sunday, after the party

Left over PBR

My favorite porch chair

Max's Car with my hammer hat costume under it

Day 7

Saturday trip for mexican food

I just need to write, if only for my record, that these images Day 3- Day 11 have funky colors and focus because I accidentally cross processed slide film with C-41 (doesn't turn out as cool as I had anticipated after realizing).